Saturday, 12 November 2011

Buoyed by success...

I'm delighted to say that my two super cute Saffron cardigans went down a storm with the recipients! You know what it's like when you make something as a gift - you have that last minute panic that the person you made it for isn't going to like it, or they do, but it doesn't fit. Add in to the mix the fact that the recipients are 4 years old, and would presumably have no qualms about tossing it aside if they didn't like it. I needn't have worried. The gift wrap was barely off and they were dragging the cardigans on. They insisted they wore them for the rest of the night, and refused to take them off to go to bed. That goes down as a success in my book!

I don't have any photo's of them on, but here's the pink one finished:

... and here's the lilac one:

As soon as they were cast off, I was itching to get something else cast on. My next planned project was a lovely side to side jacket/cardigan from Drops Design. As some other Ravellers had complained the finished result was too short, I decided to cast on for the medium length, while following all other instructions for the small. About half a day into the knitting, I felt it was still going to be too short, so ripped out, and cast on again for the XXL (ridiculous as it sounds!), still following the rest of the instructions for the small. Several days into the knitting for that size, I realised it was STILL going to be too short. The Rowan Kid Classic that I had chosen simply had too much 'bounce' for all the ribbing in the pattern (which was supposed to be knit in Garnstudio Drops Alpaca). I made the painful decision to rip out once and for all. I do really like the pattern though, so may go back and knit again, this time in the recommended yarn. If I do, I will still make it longer than the recommended length though.

I decided to use the yarn for this lovely Holl Sweater from Kirsten Johnstone. As soon as I saw this pattern, I thought it would look lovely in this oatmeal coloured yarn. I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting this, and it's just knitting up so quickly! I've done less than a day's knitting, and already I'm 2/3 of the way through the front:

I'm also doing this as part of a KAL on Ravelry. If you fancy joining us, dive on in!

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