Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Knitting's taken over

Haven't made much progress on the Sunshine and Shadow. Since I came back from holiday, all I've wanted to do is knit. This is what I've been working on:

I'm working on the circular version. It's my first shawl, and I'm really enjoying it. That said, it's quite an easy pattern, in comparison with most shawl patterns. It's knitted in 3ply wool on circular wires, with garter stitch in the centre and a simple but effective lace pattern at the edges. I've been able to devote quite a bit of time to it over the last week, so I've made real progress, and have finished the centre. The lacy part's going to take quite a bit more time though - each row has well over 400 stitches, so it takes a while to get through each row. It's also difficult to get photos because there are so many stitches on the wire, so I might have to wait until the end to photograph, rather than taking in progress photos.

Here's the link to the Ravelry page to see the other projects:

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